About Us

Jana Bhawana Campus, Situated at Godawari-11, Chapagaun, Lalitpur, is a leading academic institution established in 1991 by a team of renowned academicians, educationists and professionals. It has  become a QAA certified institution and has been striving forward with potent determination, dedication and well set plan to become an autonomous institution.  It has been running BBS,BA , B.Ed, BSW in yearly system and BCA, BICTE & MBS in Semester System under Tribhuvan University(TU) with a commitment to providing quality education. It is a community college run by a campus assembly, comprises of academicians, educationists, social workers and professionals. This academic institution has become successful in achieving outstanding result in the board result of NEB and TU. It is committed to impart theoretical and practical quality education.

The campus will always strive to develop its students as the responsible citizens of the country and instill the sense of pride being the JBian or the students of JBC. “Be a JBian and be a good citizen “will therefore be the motto of the campus.