Department of Language & Literature

The Department of Language and Literature established in the campus is composed of 1 Head of Department and 7 lecturers at present. The faculty members are noted for their active participation in local, regional and national activities in cultural and creative areas. The faculty members are engaged in variety of tasks: teach the prescribed courses, make use of the most up-to-date facilities and teaching methods, equip students with the basic language skills in both Nepali and English languages, enable students to appreciate and criticize literary works, organize conferences, organize reading and writing series, equip students with communication and publication related skills etc.

The Department offers opportunities for a variety of activities in which faculty members, students and resource persons get involved.  It introduces the students with the conceptual and technical tools used in the study of language and literature along with a wide range of critical assumptions and approaches. It also teaches how to use English, Nepali and other literary aspects effectively while having in-depth study of language itself


To strengthen the students’ capacity by developing a deepened understanding of language and literacy, the value of critical reading and effective writing, and the richness of literature, past and present.


To foster knowledge and a love of literature and of language in our faculties and students engaging them in writing, research and publication enriching a variety of literary, analytical, pedagogical, and theoretical skills.


The Department values:

  • the rigorous and comprehensive study of language, literacy, and literature.
  • the cultivation of critical reading and reflection.
  • the production of writing in a variety of forms.
  • the ways the study of language and literature that transforms the understanding of the faculties and students of local, national, and international communities.


  • Enhance and encourage continual professional development of the faculty.
  • Plan and conduct foundation courses that will give our students the literary, analytical, theoretical, and writing skills.
  • Enrich critical thinking and issues of language and literature.
  • Familiarize with general and specific properties of the English and Nepali language for personal intellectual growth and professional development.


  • To make the exposure by attending national and international conferences and seminars.
  • To enhance the availability of journal articles and academic writings.
  • To enrich the ability of students to understand various theoretical approaches and apply them in textual analysis.
  • To develop skills in identifying and analyzing phonological, morphological, lexical, and syntactic structures of English/Nepali.

Annual Plan

S.N Title Name Designation Teaching Subjects Qualification Experience(Yrs)
1 HoD Govinda Sanjel Lecturer English MA/ M.Phil 3
2 Member Shiva Raj Sanjel Lecturer English MA/M.Ed/ M.Phil 17
3 Member Deepak Sharma Lecturer English MA 15
4 Member Devi Neupane Lecturer Nepali MA/ M.Ed 10
5 Member Rishikesh Acharya Lecturer Nepali MA/M.Ed 18
6 Member Sachitananda Ghimire Lecturer Nepali MA/ M.Ed 7
7 Member Sanjay Timalsina Lecturer English M.Ed 5

Annual Departmental Plan 2076

  Baishakha – Ashad Shrawan – Ashoj Kartik – Poush Magh – Chaitra
First Quarter Equip students of BBS and B.Ed 1st year with the practical knowledge of presentation both in Nepali and English Remedial classes for the needy students in language subjects for Bachelor 2nd  year.Conduct 1 week Free Writing Skills class to BAInitiation for the students’ presentations in the classrooms      
Second Quarter    A one day training on Presentation Skills will be conducted for the Bachelor 3rd year students.A one day training  program on ‘Classroom Presentation’ will be conducted for BBS and B.Ed 4th  year students. Remedial classes of English subjects will be conducted for Bachelor 1st year students until the end of Shrawan.  d. A Nepali Debate  program will be conducted      
Third Quarter     Orientation program  on ‘Classroom Presentation’ will be conducted for Bachelor 1st year students.1 Week training on “Making PPT presentations” will be conducted for Bachelor 1st year students.Orientation program on “E-library Use” for bachelor 1and 2nd year An English Elocution program will be conducted  
Fourth Quarter       Orientation program to the students on “General Skills for using Powerpoint” to MBSThe use of powerpoint presentation (PPT) by the teachers in their regular classes will be continued.Students BA 3rd year will be trained to make powerpoints and make presentations.A talk program on a specific film will be organized