The Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) of Jana Bhawana Campus (JBC) is functional since 2071B.S. It acts as the supreme body to develop and implement quality parameters, disseminate information on quality parameters, organize developmental activities, document the activities leading to quality improvement and conduct quality audit. Further, the IQAC has developed a format for collecting data to make the Academic Audit more steadfast. Besides, it has also developed a format for Departmental Academic Audit to make the departments more organized and efficient. In addition, IQAC plans and directs departments, cells and units to conduct presentation, seminar, workshop, extra classes, trainings etc for quality enhancement of the institution. At present, the IQAC comprises the following members:

  1. Mr. Shiva Raj Sanjel, Coordinator
  2. Mr. Rajendra Pd. Timalsina, member
  3. Mr. Govinda Sanjel, member
  4. Mr. Pravesh K.C, member
  5. Ms. Sunita Silwal, member