Mission, Vision & Objectives


Vision: To become a leading higher education institution which  prepares globally competent human resources and tranforms the society by enhancing quality education          
Mission: To prepare competent, qualified and creative human resources to overcome the challenges of life by enabling students to explore the new avenues of knowledge and prosperity.
Goal 1. Professionally developed and qualified teachers/ Staff
Objective: 1.1.  Short term and Long Term Professional development training  courses for faculty and staff
Strategy 1.1.1 Advanced Research Methodology Training
Strategy 1.1.2. Research Methodology Training (Refresher)
Strategy 1.1.3. Training on Lesson Plan and lesson plan diary/ log book
Strategy 1.1.4. Basic Computer Training (Word/ Excel/ Power Point/ academic resource browsing) for Teachers
Strategy 1.1.5. SPSS Training
Objective 1.2. Higher Education for faculty members
Strategy 1.2.1. Provision for M.Phil. and PhD. Studies
Strategy 1.2.2. Research journals publication
Objective 1.3.  Technologically and Pedagogically sound teachers and Skilled Human Resource
Strategy 1.3.1. Internet facility for teachers and students
Strategy 1.3.2. Computer facilities to the faculty and students.
Strategy 1.3.2. Systematic use of E-Resources
Strategy 1.3.4. ICT use in teaching learning
Strategy 1.3.5. Student centered Teaching Learning such as  Project work, Term paper presentation, field work
Goal 2. Market oriented courses and Skilled and Monitored students
Objective 2.1. Skilled and Monitored Students
Strategy 2.1.1.  Regular class- attendance  of students
Strategy 2.1. 2. Regular Exam  and feedback  based on result analysis and group/ individual counseling
Strategy 2.1.3. Short term skill training for students Such as. 1) Banking training, 2) Insurance Agent training, 3) Accounting package and software training (Tally) , 4) Journalism and Publication Training, 5) Public speaking and anchoring training, 6) Language editing translation training , 7)Teacher/ Montessori Training, 8) Preparation classes for service commission, 9) Peer Teaching, and 10) Proposal and Report Writing Training 11) Secretarial Training
Strategy 2.1.4. Student Quality Circle and Student Council / Senior Red cross and other Committee and other relevant student committees
Objective 2.2. Introduced market oriented courses
Strategy 2.2.1.  Addition of Market Oriented Courses: BSW, BCA Implementation of semester system
Strategy 2.2.2. Addition of B.Sc-AG courses
Goal 3. Systematized financial System
Objective 3.1: Enhanced resource generating system
Strategy: 3.1.1. Systematic fee Collection Mechanism
Strategy 3.1.2. Relation with Development Partners including UGC, DDC, Municipality, I/ NGOs and Private/ corporate sectors
Strategy 3.1.3.  Establishment of Fixed Treasury (अक्षयकोष)
Objective 3.2. Systematic payment system
Strategy 3.2.1. Timely salary/ benefit payments
Strategy 3.2.2. Banking payment system
Strategy: 3.2.3. Compliance with financial norms and system
Goal 4. Enhanced Administration and Data management and dissemination
Objective 4.1. Enhanced Administration
Stragegy: 4.1.1 . Paperless Administration
Strategy 4.1.2. Short term training for admin staff
Strategy 4.1.3. Short term training for librarian
Objective 4.2. Enhanced data management system
Strategy 4.2.1. Technology based EMIS
Strategy 4.2.2. Training/ Orientation for teachers and students on EMIS
Strategy 4.2.3. Dissemination through website
Goal 5: Enhanced Physical Infrastructure
Objective 5.1. Developed Infrastructure support for teaching learning activities
Strategy 5.1.1 Land purchase and lease
Strategy 5.1.2a. BCA Hardware lab
Strategy 5.1.2b Building construction
Strategy 5.1.2c. Mass Communication Lab
Strategy 5.1.2d. Installation Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
Strategy 5.1.3. Separate Staff Room/ Departments
Strategy 5.1.4. Additional Desks and Benches
Objective 5.2.  Enhanced Library and Learning Resources
Strategy 5.2.1. Construction of library room
Strategy 5.2.2. Rack, reference book, text book
Strategy 5.2.3  E-Library OPAC, Open System
Objective.5.3 Developed infrastructure for ECA
Strategy 5.3.1. Play ground ,Basketball  court, TT Court
Stragegy 5.3.2. In-house ECA Activities support
 Objective 5.4. Developed infrastructure for student support
Strategy 5.4.1. Gender Friendly Toilets
Strategy 5.4.2. Drinking Water (Euro guard/reverse osmosis) facility
Strategy 5.4.3. New structure formation for Canteen enhancement
Strategy 5.4.4 Infirmary and Counseling lab (Psycho-social and career service)
Strategy 5.4.5. Changing Room
Objective. 5.5. Developed infrastructural support for economic sustenance
Strategy 5.5.1. Shutter construction and rent
Strategy 5.5.2. Seminar hall rent
Goal 6: Enhanced relation with different organization and increased community participation and Institutional Social Responsibilities (ISR)
Objective 6.1. Enhanced relationship with different organization/ Institutions
Strategy 6.1.1. MOU/ MOA or formal relation with foreign universities
Strategy 6.1.2 MOU/ MOA or formal relation with private public organization such as Co- operatives, schools, Hospitals
Strategy 6.1.3.  MOU/ MOA with national universities and colleges
Objective 6.2.  Enhanced community participation and ISR
Strategy 6.2.1. Restructure CMC/ Campus Assembly
Strategy 6.2.2. Community/ Voluntary work (Volunteering work)
Strategy 6.2.3. Feeder area campaigning
Strategy 6.2.4. Scholarship for students from deprived community
Strategy 6.2.5. Training for neighboring Head Teacher and Teachers
Strategy 6.2.6. Library sharing with other institutions
Strategy 6.2.7. Feedback systems