Research Management Cell

The Research Management Cell (RMC) is a research centre under Janabhawana Campus which aims to develop a culture of quality research among the students. It makes the plan for the effective research works, fieldworks or several other issues related to research that cultivates research culture for innovation. Further, it encourages faculties to conduct mini-research and assist students in their research work. Apart from these, it works for publishing research journal namely “Janabhawana Research Journal”.

RMC frequently conducts research activities to strengthen the potentiality of the faculties and students in teaching learning and research activities. Students are involved in different research activities such as paper writing, thesis, term papers to widen the knowledge in the field of research. Further, the students link their research activities on studies through field visits with the aim to fulfill their partial requirement of their studies.

The students are encouraged in research oriented activities with the support of RMC and the campus also provides incentives to the faculties to conduct mini-research. A research journal namely “Janabhawana Research journal”  (2016) has been published and a bridge Project has been conducted to complete an endline Survey on “Improving Mother and Child Nutrition Project” in association with a local NGO. RMC has recommended for a mini-research “Households’ Willingness to Pay for Improved Solid Waste Management in Godawari Municipality” and is being carried out at present.