Student Enrollment Trend

The students’ enrollment in Jana Bhawana Campus is in inclining trend. The last four years students’ enrollment is a sign of regular and gradual inclination in regards to students enrollment in the academic programs that the college is offering. The total number of students enrolled in the year 2073 was 428 comprising 127 male and 301 female students. Likewise, 444 students were enrolled in the academic year 2074 with inclusive of 142 male and 302 female students. The total number of students enrolled in the year 2075 exceeds by 114 ensuing the total enrollment 558 comprising 377 male and 181 female. In the year 2076, the number of students has inclined to 589 exceeding 31 in total in comparision to the enrollment of 2075. The total number of male is 224 and female is 365 in the current year. The students of enrollment analysis in each program can be traced in the graph below:

Student Enrollment 2073

Student Enrollment 2074

Student Enrollment 2075

Student Enrollment 2076

Student Enrollment 2077

Students Enrollemnt 2078