JBC offers scholarship schemes (financial aid) for the economically deprived and deserving students to further their education. The scholarships are awarded upon two specific criteria: merit and merit cum means. The scholarship committee, comprised of 5 members, is solely responsible in assessing eligibility and needs of the students. The committee makes the decision and students are awarded scholarships accordingly. At present, JBC offers following scholarships:

  • Mukunda Bahadur Shrestha Higher Education Scholarship and other attractive scholarship for the meritorious, deprived and needy students.
  • RHEST in Honor of Amar
  • Nepal Engineers’ Wives Society Scholarship
  • Madhav Prashad Neupane & Bhoj Kumari Neupane Higher Education Scholarship

Further, the deserving and needy students are offered scholarships under following criteria:

Scholarship Scheme

LevelDetailsAdm Dis%
BBSFirst come 10 students100%
BAFirst come 10 students100%
B.EdFirst come 10 students100%
BSWFirst come 10 students100%

Enrollment Eligibility Test [EET]

Enrollment Eligibility Test (EET) has been designed and approved by the Examination Committee of Jana Bhawana Campus (JBC) with two specific purposes. First, the test assesses the ability of a student to get enrollment in the courses offered by the campus. Second, the test appraises the academic ability of a student to get the scholarship offered by the campus. The test is mandatory for those students who wish to pursue the courses offered by JBC.

  1. Verbal Ability
  2. Nepali
  3. English
  4. Quantitative Ability
  5. General Awareness
  6. Writing Ability

The test evaluates a student on the basis of his/her knowledge/aptitude in verbal ability, quantitative ability, general awareness and writing ability. The question of the test consists 4 sections: Verbal Ability Test, Quantitative Ability Test, General Awareness Test and Writing Ability Test. The questions in all the sections except Writing Ability Test section carry 1 mark each. The test duration is of 1 hour. The detail of the areas to be covered and the weightage are as follow:

S.NSection and AreasWeightage
1Verbal Section        English Vocabulary: Synonyms and AntonymsArticlesPrepositionsTenseIdioms and Phrases Nepali     20
2Quantitative Section PercentageAverageUnitary MethodProfit and LossProbabilityNumber system5
3General Awareness Section Current Affairs: politics, sportsScience & LiteratureInteresting facts/Current facts10
4Writing Section Free Writing15